Tuesday, 31 July 2012

EKSKLUSIEF! Willem Botha se geloof in musiek

Willem Botha
Daar is min dinge wat Willem Botha opgewonde maak soos lekkermusiek. Die jong Afrikaanse sanger het met TheBeat gesels oor sy nuwe CD, My StemIs Joune, sy liefde vir Facebook en Twitter en oor wie sy heimlike “man crush”is.
Geluk met die nuweCD! Ek moet nog self gewoond raak aan die skielike sukses. Dis regtig “insane”en “unreal”. Die titel van die CD wat gemik daarop om mense te gesels en te “relate”.Dit is lekker om boodskappe van aanhangers te kry wat nou sê ‘jou stem is nouons s’n’.
Jy het nogals jou tydgeneem met die uitreiking van die CD? Beslis. Ek het omtrent so 3 jaar geledelaas ‘n CD uitgebring. Ek het so 2 jaar gelede begin skryf aan die CD en so ‘ njaar gelede met vervaardigers begin werk en Desember die opnames gedoen. Die CDsou verlede jaar uitgekom het, maar ander projekte het dit terug geskuif, maardit is nou uit en ek is baie in my nappies.
Jou treffer Breek Op In Stereo is 'great'. Vertel ons meer. Ek het die liedjie geskryf terwyl ek in diemusiekspel Tree Aan! was. Ek wou ‘n “break-up” song skryf, soos Kelly Clarksonse Since You Been Gone, en het gedink ‘wat sal ‘n awesome manier wees om viriemand te sê, vat so’? Toe skakel ek die radio aan en siedaar! Wat beter manierom met iemand op te breek as om te sê sit die radio aan – ek breek op met jouop die radio! Maar ek bieg dat dit is nou iets wat ek nie sommer sal doen nie(Lag).
Wie is jou grootsteondersteuners? My ouers. Hulle is ook my grootste kritici, wat ek ten harteop neem, want ek weet ek gaan die regte terugvoer kry.
Is jy gemaklik om kaalbolyf te verskyn? Ek is gemaklik metmy lyf, maar ek is ook ‘n baie privaat persoon. Ek vind dit soms snaaks datmense hulle hemde op die verhoog uittrek omdat ‘n gehoor na die stem en nie dielyf kom kyk nie. (En dan lig hy sy hempeffe op om sy nuwe ‘tattoo’, Strength, wat hy in Thailand gekry het, te wys).
Hoe ‘n groot rolspeel geloof in jou lewe? Ongelooflik baie. Dit is baie keer wanneer ditdie slegste gaan met my dat ek uit reik na die Here. Ek was nooit skaam oor mygeloof nie. Ek probeer my geloof uitleef en sekerlik die grootste kompliment watek nog gekry het, was ‘n pa wat na ‘n vertoning vir my kom sê het dat dit solekker is om sy kinders na my vertonings te bring, omdat ek my geloofuitstraal.
Jy is baie aktief opFacebook en Twitter. Dit is ‘n lekker manier om met aanhangers tekommunikeer. Ek probeer elke ‘post’ lees, maar daar is net nie genoeg tyd nie,so ek sal dan die ‘post’ gaan ‘like’. Ja, daar is soms jou aardige aanhangerswat boodskappe los, maar dit is nou maar net een van daai dinge.
Wie is jou “man crush”?Ha ha ha – dis ‘n goeie vraag! Ek sou David Beckham. Hy is sportief, stylvol,klassiek en net ‘n goeie rolmodel. Ek sal graag soos hy wil wees.
Enige groot plannevoor die einde van die jaar? Ek speel in die nuwe musiekfliek Pretville endan doen ek ‘n toer in Desember saam met ‘n groot bekende, maar ek kan nie noual iets daaroor sê nie.

Linkin Park - Reanimation: 10 Years Later

As South African Linkin Park fans start to prepare themselves for the band's first tour of South Africa in November, the band celebrated the 10th  anniversary of their Hybrid Theory Remix album Reanimation. The CD was released on 30 July 2002. In what many critics saw as a highly risky move, the band decided to build on the immense success they had with Hybrid Theory by remixing the entire album and opening the door for various artists and producers to break down the foundations and add their own little twists and tweaks. The end product was a solid mix of massive electronic sounds, urban style hip hop beats, heavy guitars and entire restructuring of the songs that had made Hybrid Theory the best selling album of 2001. Reanimation remains the band's only album to feature guest artists appearing on a Linkin Park album. Hybrid Theory's album artwork was also tweaked such as the Hybrid Soldier that had become synonymous as the symbol of the album as reinvented as a more robotic figure to represent a further evolution in the band's progress. All in all, Reanimation was a gutsy move that paid off well.

Monday, 30 July 2012

DJ Steve Aoki to tour South Africa

Steve Aoki
It's time to dust off your dance shoes as American electro house musician, record producer and the founder of Dim Mak Records, Steve Aoki, is touring South Africa! Steve is known for crazy antics and onstage performance – taking crowd surfing to a whole new level! You would be crazy to miss this one. So, go to www.steveaokisatour.co.za to learn more about the exciting Steve Aoki SA Tour and other dance music news.Tickets will soon be available from Computicket. Show dates are; Friday 7 December in Cape Town – a massive Harrington Street block party; Saturday 8 December at the legendary H2O, Wild Waters in Johannesburg and Sunday 9 December at the one and only Wavehouse in Durban. Check out his song Beat Down!

Arno Carstens returns with hot new song

Arno Carstens
Springbok Nude Girls singer and solo star Arno Carstens has just released his new solo single, Two Dogs. The song, taken from his yet untitled 4th solo CD,  debuted last night (Sunday 29 July) in Idols SA and went on to radio play today. The brand new video is being completed and will be revealed on TV & Online nationwide on 3 August. “I wrote ‘Two Dogs’ in Johannesburg last year.  I was on tour with Springbok Nude Girls at the time, we had just gotten back to SA from London, recording and touring ‘Apes with Shades’.  ‘Two Dogs’, and the whole album in fact, deals with the beauty and intricacies of life; triumphs of spirit and turbulence of everyday living” explains Arno.Have a listen to the new track here!

Snoop Dogg banned from Norway

Snoop Dogg
Rapper Snoop Dogg has been banned from Norway. The country has placed a two-year ban on the rapper entering the country after he was caught trying to bring marijuana into the country last month, reports music-news.com. Calvin Broadus (aka Snoop Dogg) was discovered with eight grams of the drug in his luggage after sniffer dogs indicated he was travelling with the substance. He was fined around $US8600 and banned from coming back to Norway for 24 months. It has emerged that Snoop will not appeal the decision.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

EXCLUSIVE! Seether interview

On the eve of their first South African tour in years,Seether bassist Dale Stewart spoke exclusive from Los Angeles to The Beat about returning to their home country, taking a leak while playing live, his tattoos, weirdest autographs, WWE wrestling and his secret obsession.

Dale Stewart in action on stage during a Seether gig
You are playing OppiKoppi this year. Any memories of your first ever OppiKoppi festival? Geez man, there are loads! When we were stillliving in South Africa, we used to attend and play the festival. My bestmemories are not having any! (Laughs). There are the usual: drinking way toomuch, waking up with something drawn on your face and one shoe missing. But weare looking forward playing the 2012 OppiKoppi festival, having a few drinksand just checking out the scene.
This is your first local shw in  years! Why did it take you solong? Man, we always wanted to come back and play for the home crowd, butbetween recording, releasing a new CD (Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray)and touring, our schedule has just been hectic.
Yeah, you guys have been busy touring and you recently toured with Nickelback. That was pretty awesome! We are good friends from thelads of Nickelback so it was cool. We enjoyed the nice dressings rooms, thefood, the drinks and hanging out with Nickelback before and after the show. Itwas a gruelling tour schedule! Four nights a week, but we only played for about45 minutes.
Talking about rocking on stage, what do you do when you have to go to the bathroom during a performance? That usually happens with me!(Laugh). We usually have a couple of beers before a show and then 30 minutesinto our gig, I’ll realised, ‘The seal is broken! I need to get to a toilet’.Usually there is a drum solo in the middle of the gig and I can quickly sneakoff to the toilet, but other times you get creative. You’ll shout to a roadienext to the stage to bring you and empty dustbin next to the stage so you cango and take a quick leak.
Seether’s song ‘Tonight’ from Holding Onto Strings BetterLeft to Fray was recently used for WWE’s Adam ‘Edge’ Copeland’s tribute. Who is your favourite WWE wrestler? That was pretty awesome! We actually went to oneof the WWE shows and hang out with Edge. He is such a pretty cool guy.Backstage he’ll be laughing and talking away, and then as soon as he go on, he’llput on this serious WWE Edge look on his face, and when he’s off again, he’llbe laughing and chatting away. So we were really honoured when they chose thesong for his retirement tribute.
As a band, you guys get properly a lot of autograph requests. What’s the weirdest ones you have done? There are so many! From fakelegs, to any part of the body (you can just think for yourself), spray paint toautograph on a car, but the coolest one was in Japan where we were asked toautograph the landing gear of a F16 fighter jet.
We hear your quite a good cook in the kitchen. Your signature dish would be . . . My spicy buffalo chicken wings! Lately I’ve been trying myhand at making sushi and it’s coming on pretty well. I also like to braai – allkinds of meat. When I get homesick here in Los Angele’s, I’ll have a braai.
You have quite a tattoo collection. Yes, I love tattoos.Each has a special meaning, almost like a snap shot taken in time. I haven’thad one in some time, but each one is special.
You still have your Mohawk hairstyle? (Laughs) Yes, but it’snow more of a mull-hawk. Half Mohawk and half mullet.
What do people don’t know about Dale? That I’m a rockcollector. Everywhere we go on tour, I’ll take a rock back. Weird, I know, butthat’s my little secret.
Your favourite Afrikaans expression? Kakhuis! (laughs)
What’s the first thing you going to do when you arrive inSouth Africa? Visit my family and friends in Pretoria and eat as much biltonghumanly possible.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Video review! P!nk - Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

P!nk in her new video (Credit: Sony)
Pop rock singer P!nk turns on her classic French cinema charm for her new music video, Blow Me (One Last Kiss), from her new CD,  The Truth About Love. The video opens with Pink and her potential paramour sitting in an idyllic meadow, where she is (presumably) about to submit to his wily charms (and killer bone structure) until he makes the fatal error of taking a phone call. Disillusioned, P!nk wanders off, only to come across an equally handsome motorcyclist/artist — the kind that only exists in France — who gives her a lift and then sketches her in a seriously sexy scene. Later, at a lavish party, P!nk channels Marlene Dietrich, toying with gender roles and leading a female partygoer in a seductive dance. This is, of course, interrupted by a marriage proposal, though it's not for P!nk. Once again, she's reduced to second best (which, come to think of it, is a fairly common theme in a lot of her videos. Pink is nothing if not humble). Scorned, she shows up at the couples' wedding  - dressed in all black, naturally - and gives the groom her best heartbroken stare. Then, just as vows are about to be exchanged, a giant pink heart erupts above them, showering them in viscous red fluid. In a scene reminiscent of "Carrie," Pink stands in the middle of all the ensuing chaos, laughing while the bride and groom run for cover. Then, at the clip's end, she takes a ride in a flying machine, finally cracking that smile we've been hearing so much about.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Trey Songz oozes love in Simply Amazing video

Trey Songz "50 Shades of Trey" in his new music video!
R&B heartthrob Trey Songz is oozing romance in the music video for his new single, Simply Amazing. And yes, it's simply amazing! In the song, Trigga lets it be known he's "a man that doesn't believe in much," but it's evident that's not the case when it comes to believing in love. After all, Trey's literally singing his deepest thoughts to the world. Speaking on the set Trey said, “I think videos have kinda gotten away from real context, and this is gonna bring that back into play, not to say we are saving anything, but it’s very true, very authentic. Trey honestly looks like he had a great time filming this, and he is absolutely showing growth with this record. The singer crafts the perfect fantasy what ladies can expect from his special brand of loving. The crooner's new record Chapter V is slated for release August 21st. After watching the video, we can defiantly say "50 Shades Of Trey!" See all the behind the scenes action of the video.

The Chemical Brother's new Olympic track

Chemical Brothers (Credit: EMI)
Listening to the track Velodrome, one can easily be mistaken it as the genius work of electro house pioneers Daft Punk, but in fact it's the new tune from duo Chemical Brothers. The Chemical Brothers have recorded 'Velodrome' as the official soundtrack to the Olympics Track Cycling events in the velodrome this summer. "I have loved cycling since I was a boy. I have always made a connection between electronic music and cycling repetition, the freedom and sense of movement," Tom Rowlands of the band said. "Kraftwerk obviously cemented this connection with their 'Tour de France' track. For us to create the theme for the Velodrome is a great honour and we're really excited to hear it in situ." The song is one of five official tracks that will soundtrack the London 2012 Olympic Games. Muse, Dizzee Rascal, Elton John & Pnau and Delphic have provided the other four songs.

Green Day records tribute to Amy Winehouse

Green Day (Credit: Warner Music)
One of the song's on rockers Green Day's album trilogy is a tribute to late singer, Amy Winehouse. NME reports that the group's song about the late singer will feature on the second of their three-album series, ¡Dos!, which they revealed deals with "the consequences of the party". Billie Joe Armstrong explained: "I didn't know her, I just thought it was a real tragic loss. It's interesting because if you think about ¡Dos!, it's a party record and so at the end of it maybe 'Amy' kind of comes across as the consequences of the party." Discussing Amy's legacy, he continued: ''I just thought her music and her taste in music was so connected to old soul music and the original Motown and Otis Redding and Sam Cooke and things like that. I think that was a major loss because that was a generation's connection to that, and this was someone who should be here now and I just felt really sad." Green Day recently debuted the first single from their album trilogy 'Oh Love' - listen to the track.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

50 Cent's boxing venture

50 Cent (Credit: Universal)
Rapper 50 Cent has ventured into the world of boxing with the announcement of his new boxing company, TMT ((The Money Team). 50 Cent is now licensed to promote boxing matches in the state of New York. He is also in the process of obtaining a licence for the state of Nevada where he will be able to put on matches in Las Vegas. It is reported that he has also already signed two inactive world class fighter, gold medalist and former featherweight champion Yuriorkis Gamboa and middleweight, and former Olympic medalist Andre Dirrell. 50 Cent is no newcomer to boxing as he is a former boxer himself! He started boxing at age 11 and in the mid 80s competed as an amateur boxer in the Junior Olympics.

The Parlotones: Saving Africa's Rhinos

The Parlotones
South African rockers The Parlotones has joined forces with a tour operator and a leading American rock radio station, DC101, to help create awareness for the Rhino poaching epidemic beyond South African borders. The campaign will offer listeners to DC101 a chance to win a once in a lifetime experience. The Parlotones will be flying out representatives from DC101 as well as 2 lucky listeners from the USA to South Africa where they will have an opportunity to join the band on a rhino tagging expedition. “Having toured the world extensively over the past few years we have realized that most people are totally oblivious to the fact that rhinos are almost extinct and we decided we were going to change this,” says band manager Raphael Domalik. “Teaming up with media around the world is one of the most effective ways to do this and we plan to provide many more opportunities like these to aid the cause.” Over 260 rhino have been slaughtered this year alone in South Africa, despite the many efforts to prevent the ever increasing poaching problem in the country.